Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights – our patients have a right to:

Service: Service regardless of your race, sex, religion, age, ethnic background, linguistic preference, education, social class, economic status, sexual orientation, or handicap.

Respect and freedom from abuse: Expect that our staff be sensitive to your needs, feelings, and be treated with respect and dignity as human beings.

Information: Know your diagnosis, treatment options, prognosis, and probable consequences of treatment options.

Choice: Be involved in planning the services you are to receive, and to consent to or refuse treatment.

Confidentiality: HIPAA Compliant

Continuity of care: Referral to other services and agencies that is necessary for continuity of care.

Communication: Have all communications in a language that you can clearly understand.

Grievances: File a complaint about service-related issues or the treatment being provided, to request assistance in filing a complaint.

Patient Responsibilities – our patients have the responsibility to:

Cancel Appointments: Provide at least 24 hours notice of appointment cancellation.

Participate in development of mutually agreed upon treatment plans.

Follow agreed upon treatment plans.

Comply with signed patient contracts.

Let us know if you are dissatisfied with services.

Let us know of changes in address, phone number, or other requested information.

Follow all insurance company guidelines about how to access services.

Take financial responsibility for payment of all charges.

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