Pharmacy Refills & Prescriptions


Pharmacy refills of existing prescriptions are handled by contacting the pharmacy of your choice. Continue to contact your pharmacy with refill requests; they will contact our office if needed. If you have questions about a new prescription or about discontinuing medications, please contact our office for an appointment at (503) 325-8315.

340B Pharmacy Program/Wellpartner Mail Order is a prescription savings program offered to our patients through Columbia Memorial Outpatient Pharmacy (503) 338-4560,  Safeway Pharmacy in Astoria (503) 338-0291, and Wellpartner mail order pharmacy 1 (877) 935-5797.

Prescription Assistance

Patients with no insurance may ask their provider about this prescription assistance program to apply, or for further questions you may contact the patient assistance coordinator at (503)325-8315 .


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